Presonus…is our choice.

Seems like in the media everything you say can and will be analyzed;  sometimes to your benefit and other times to your detriment.  It’s no secret the JudahNation ™ (@Judahnation on Twitter)  has set out to become a label to deal with in Christian Music.  This year alone we’ve hosted a small after party with Propaganda from Humble Beast Records, partnered with Kallaboration Music to put on one heck of a concert with Da T.R.U.T.H. and were able to sign a great team to record with for the rest of the year.

Recently JudahNation, was able to acquire the permanent usage of the recording facilities at The A.R.C. here in Phoenix, AZ.  With that said the team sat down and decided which gear we were going to utilitze to make things happen for recording, beat production and all song composition.

There were three votes on the table. Reason 6, Pro Tools LE and Studio One by Presonus (we already had invested in the Audiobox VSL 1818).  Two of  our producers were extremely comfortable with Reason and ProTools but none of the producers had any idea about Studio One so we decided to start with that software first.

We know that the “industry standard” is and we also know tons of  Hip Hop producers are increasingly using Reason and Fruitly Loops for that matter to produce really good tracks.   Anything other that what the industry is suggesting you need to produced good music can be considered  “going against the grain.”

I could give you a long drawn out story….or just tell you in the last three months, two of the three producers haven’t opened Reason or Pro Tools since demoing the software.  The last producer is still married to the “standard” but we see a separation coming soon….lol.

We can’t rave enough about the ease of workflow, short learning curve and amount of plugins that this software comes with.  Upon upgrading to the full version, we’ve unlocked what seems like an endless amount of possibilities for production.  We look forward to releasing some of the best music we’ve ever mad with Presonus and Studio one.  presonus_logo-black-[Converted]